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Toyo Tires becomes official partner of FIDAL

August 20, 2019

Beginning this season, Toyo Tires becomes an official partner of the Italian Athletics Federation, supporting the development of athletics in Italy in addition to its European athletics partnership. The Federation has the highest number of registered participants in Italy, after football.

It is a long way from amateur runner to top athlete. Becoming part of the large community of athletes supports individuals to achieve their peak performance. "The more than two hundred thousand athletes represented by FIDAL are very different in terms of sport and level of success. Nevertheless, they share the goal of promoting and celebrating performance. “This is the ideal environment for Toyo, because we also have many different people working ambitiously to produce products for peak performance," said Fabio Merli, President of Toyo Tire Italia.

FIDAL unites over 200.000 athletes and coaches across 2,800 clubs and organizes international championships, such as the Golden Gala. In each case athletes and clubs challenge themselves to compete at the highest level "As an official partner, Toyo is also recognized for challenging itself to grow and to compete. The Runcard, which is obligatory for all runners of official marathons in Italy, means that a huge number of Italian amateur athletics enjoy a connection to the official federation" adds Mike Rignall, Senior Marketing Manager Europe of Toyo Tires.

In addition to the approximately 55,000 holders of the Runcard, the association offers an effective forum with the Golden Gala. 20 million people around the world follow the event including forty thousand spectators who cheer on the athletes competing in the "Diamond League" of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).


Image: World Indoor Championships 2018


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