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Quick Start Action at DVV Cyclocross Championship

January 15, 2020

In Baal the cold mud sprays Ceylin Alvarado up to her sunglasses. The effort is shaking through her muscles and then she passes her competitor Annemarie Worst on the home stretch. The "Women's Elite" rider thus cements her lead in the champion category of an unusual bike race. Behind her and all those involved lies a tough course. The Belgian championship is a challenge for man and material. But it is worth the effort. There is still one race to go, then the winners of the UCI Cyclocross Championship will hold up the "DVV Verzekering Trofee”.

Images / Peter Philipsen: Toyo Tires Quick Start

In the men's class Eli Iserbyt managed to fight his way to first place, in the junior class the Belgian Timo Kielich and the Dutch Fem van Empel have to prove themselves. The cyclocross challenges take place every year. Well-known international racers compete against each other on an obstacle course. At this event of the elite, the spectators watch not only sporting masterpieces but also the equipment, which is state of the art in the cycling cross champions league and can cope with the rough demands.

For years, Toyo Tires has supported the tough obstacle race as a partner, thus ensuring that this special cycling championship is becoming increasingly popular. This is not only about mileage but also about iron will, excellent technique and team spirit. Meanwhile about 10,000 enthusiastic spectators celebrate a colourful festival of athletic connection on the edge of the course in every city. Hundreds of thousands watch it on television. Participants from 14 countries compete against each other in the DVV Cyclocross Championship and offer their audience top performances.

Toyo Tires accompanies the athletes on banners along the tracks and with all kinds of useful aids for the spectators. For example rain ponchos, because the weather in Belgium is very wet in winter, or lip balm sticks to protect against the rough weather. 

New this season is the Toyo Tires Quick Start. This honours the achievement of a quick start, as the first three to pass the Toyo Tires Quick Start arch will receive bonus seconds at the end of each race. The winner of the combined Quick Start classifications will also receive €2,500 in prize money in the "Men's Elite" and "Women's Elite" classes. That's a good reason to give it all you've got in the final on February 8 in Lille.