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World Premiere for Proxes R888R

November 27, 2014

Toyo Tire Europe GmbH, President Tatsuo Mitsuhata, announces that the new Proxes R888R track tyre has its’ World debut at the Essen Motorshow which opens on Friday.

The tyre, available during 2015, succeeds the phenomenally successful Proxes R888, a proven race winner. Used to win many championships, most recently the 2014 Toyota Sprint Series in the UK, Proxes R888 sets a high benchmark to follow.

Produced in 32 sizes initially, the new Proxes R888R takes track steering and grip to another level. With a fast warm up time, increased dry grip and sustained performance over multiple laps and heat cycles, the Proxes R888R is the ultimate track tire.

A rayon ‘super-high’ turn up ply on some sizes, combined with steel side plies, give the new Proxes R888R precise steering response and feedback to the driver allowing them full control of their race car to optimize its performance.

Running from Friday November 28 to December 7, Essen Motorshow will be the first opportunity to see the Proxes R888R tyre as well as other new products being launched in Germany.

Visit Toyo Tires in hall 3, booth A135


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