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New BRABUS SMART Ready to Race on Proxes R888R

August 18, 2017

On occasion of the 15th anniversary of Brabus Smart GmbH the company has build a race version „Ready to race“. Only two models of this car exist.

   Brabus Smart Ready to race Proxes R888R

The test drive event took place at the Bilsterberg racetrack recently. Meanwhile a range of webarticles have been published by various automotive magazines. A few words were also given to the R888R.

 On the racetrack  Inside view

„While you brawl in the Brabus Smart Ready to Race as in a power training at the steering wheel and feet fly over the small pedals, you are incredibely amazed at how much grip the small tires build up.“

„Now matter how sharp the curve, the sport suspension always keeps the body parallel to the ground and the tires stick to the asphalt.“

Press and drivers confirmed the strong performance of the R888R.
We welcome the positive feedback of the editors. For interested readers with German language skills hereby a some of the german articles: