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Toyo 350

Developed for small and medium cars, Toyo 350 is the successor to the excellent Toyo 330. Offering safety and economy with newer clean-cut tread appearance, Toyo 350 also has lower noise and a lower rolling resistance than its predecessor.

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Features and benefits

Circumferential sipes
Prevention of uneven wear & superior handling
Multi-wave sipes
Outstanding water evacuation
Silent wall
Low noise
Wide straight grooves
Outstanding water evacuation


Tire Size Rim Diameter Load Speed Index Pattern Tread Depth (mm) Overall Diameter (mm) Overall Width (mm) Approved Rim Width Range (inch)
175/80 R14 * 14 88T 350 7.9 636 170 4.50-5-6.00 - - - -

* Not subject to EU label regulation