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Corporate Philosophy


Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd. develops, manufactures and delivers to customers worldwide a broad lineup of products, including the company’s core automobile tires, anti-vibration rubber for automobiles, urethane products and industrial rubber.

Enabling people to live more abundant lives and supporting the foundation of society through these products is our company’s mission, and the reason we exist.


Toyo Tires is a “technology-oriented” manufacturing company that has worked relentlessly to cultivate the foundation of its unique technology, and this basic approach will not change moving forward.

It is precisely because of the tangible and intangible assets that we have accumulated as knowledge, in both failure and success, through our commitment to always take on new challenges that we are able to achieve world-class performance and quality and deliver valuable products.


Presently, we have a long-term vision and mid-term business plan as well as an accompanying growth scenario, all of which set forth our objectives for the type of company we want to become, and the group is united in our effort to achieve these goals.

Both our Tire Business Unit and DiverTech Business Unit are working at a feverish pace to build a supply foundation that can meet the needs of our customers worldwide. I firmly believe that developing appealing, customer-oriented products that match the characteristics of their target markets and proposing and delivering high value that only we can provide is what will elevate the very presence of our company group.


Toyo Tires has enjoyed the support of many customers and connected parties over many years, and this year we will celebrate our company’s 70th anniversary.


I believe that the value of a company’s business activity only begins to take on life as a result of its usefulness to customers, markets and society, and moreover, that trust is earned by exceeding all expectations.

Therefore, I want our company to be a corporate group in which every employee is committed to being useful to our customers, markets and society across the entire spectrum of our business, from technology, production and sales to planning and management.



We will continue to serve the needs of our customers and go beyond to deliver high-quality products that offer comfort and new wonderment to more and more people.

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