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Early Success for Toyo Tires at D1GP

10 May 2021

D1 GRAND PRIX Round 1 and Round 2 Report. Held at Okuibuki Motor Park in Shiga Prefecture on April 24th (Sat) and 25th (Sun).

This year's "Team TOYO TIRES DRIFT" will be challenged by two players, Masato Kawabata, who will participate in the Supra race following last year, and Hideyuki Fujino, who will participate in the TOYOTA 86 with a machine change. In addition, as a tire support player, we will continue to support Yukio Matsui, Toyota Motor Corporation employee Hokuto Matsuyama, and Masataka Kawashima from this year! Blessed with the weather, the opening race "OKUIBUKI DRIFT" was held in a perfect day for the race. In the race, Fujino showed a skillful run and won the 1st place overall in the series, and Matsuyama got the perfect position of 4th place! Furthermore, in the single-run series, Matsuyama, who gained momentum, won the championship for two consecutive races and was in first place, and Fujino was in third place. We have recorded a video of the fierce battle for two days, so please enjoy it The D1GP2021 series has just begun. Thank you for your continued support!

* This tournament was held with all possible measures against new coronavirus infectious diseases.


After Rd.1 and Rd.2 Toyo Tires Support drivers standing are:

Drivers Ranking

No.1 Hideyuki Fujino

No.4 Hokuto Matsuyama

No.13 Masato Kawabata

No.15 Yukio Matsui


Tanso Ranking

No.1 Hokuto Matsuyama

No.3 Hideyuki Fujino

No.13 Masato Kawabata

No.14 Yukio Matsui


Team Ranking




Official IG accounts for Team Toyo:

Matsuyama: @hokutomatsuyama

Kawabata: @kawabata_tmr

Fujino: @wisteria180sx

Matsui: @yukiomatsui

D1GP official: @d1gpse 

TOYO TIRES JP: @teamtoyotiresjp


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