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The late, great Soichiro Honda once sagely noted that ‘Racing improves the breed.’ He was right of course, and who are we to argue with such greatness and competition heritage?
At Toyo, we feel exactly the same way – hence our almost fanatical involvement with British motorsport at all of its levels. Not only does it allow us to give something back to club racing from a grass-roots level upwards, but it also means we can subject our tyres to the sorts of torture and abuse that would make even the most hardened of most road testers cry into their clipboard. Until you have taken your tyre to the edge of its temperature-handling capacity in the heat of competition, then you can never really know what its capable of.
We’re always looking to partner with established or growing championships in the UK, so if you are the organiser or technical team behind a series we aren’t currently involved in, and would like to contact our motorsport team directly, please click here.