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A brief history of Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires has stood for innovation, quality, performance, and excellent service for 70 years, including 36 years in Europe. Combined, the Toyo group of companies has development, manufacturing, testing, distribution, and marketing operations throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania.

As a result, Toyo Tires has built a solid reputation around the world. And who knows tires better than the very people who manufacture and sell them everyday? In Europe, Toyo Tires have been recommended in numerous magazine tests while in the United States, Toyo Tires has been named #1 Overall Brand by North American tyre dealers an unprecedented seven times since 2000.


The vision to manufacture great tires began in August 1945, when the founding president, Mr. Rikimatsu Tomihisa, established the Toyo Tire & Rubber Co, Ltd. in Japan.

In 1975, Toyo Reifen GmbH was established in Germany, the first Toyo Tires European company. This was followed by Toyo Tyre UK in 1981 and Toyo Banden B.V in the Netherlands in 1989.

In 2005, Toyo Tire Europe was established as the headquarters of Toyo in Europe and parent to Toyo Tyre (UK) Ltd, Toyo Tire Benelux B.V and Toyo Tire Italia Spa. Toyo Tire Europe became responsible for all sales and marketing across Europe to importers and subsidiaries.

In 2008, Toyo Tire RUS was established in Moscow and in 2014, Toyo Tire Deutschland GmbH was also established to manage sales and marketing in Germany and Austria.


To meet the demands of consumers—and set a few trends in the process—Toyo Tires has also become a leader in fitments and dynamic tire applications.

During the tuning market expansion in early 21st century, Toyo Tires responded with low profile, large rim diameter high performance tyres. The highly successful Proxes T1s was followed by the Proxes T1R, Proxes T1 Sport and 2015 sees the introduction of the Proxes T1 Sport plus. The new tire provides "A" grade wet grip across the entire range while still providing exhilarating cornering and braking for enthusiastic drivers.

SUV and Off-Road

Toyo Tires are specialists in SUV and 4x4 tires. The road tyre range extends from Proxes T1 Sport SUV Ultra High performance tyres for fast highway use to Open Country H/T tires which perfectly complement working 4x4s and pickups.

In 4x4, Open Country A/T plus and for more serious off-road, Open Country M/T provide the mobility to take you further. Race versions of the Open Country M/T tire have been used to win the FIA Cross Country Rally Championship 2 Wheel trophy, the FIA T2 Cross Country Championship, the  Baja 1000 and several stages of the Dakar Rally.


Toyo Tires have been used in almost all forms of motorsport. From Spa 24hours and VLN Endurance racing to the Porsche Championship in the UK, Toyo Tires have been used in many classes of track racing and the highly successful Proxes R888 has been supplemented in 2015 with the Proxes R888R offering even higher levels of grip, consistency and cornering power.


Toyo Tire Europe GmbH has three subsidiary sales companies and distributors in every major European market.

Our tyre portfolio covers a broad range of applications—from the high-performance, racing-inspired Proxes line to the Open Country line for 4x4 and SUVs to the Environmental NanoEnergy range. No matter which car, 4x4, SUV, or van you drive, Toyo Tires has the right tyres for you.

The commitment of Toyo Tires to innovation, quality, performance, and excellent customer service is unwavering and ongoing.