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Through British mud at Tough Mudder North West

September 6, 2019

On 7th and 8th of September, the participants will fight their way up to 16 kilometres through the mud - at Tough Mudder North West in Cholmondeley Castle, England. As an official partner Toyo Tires will provide obstacles and fun for participants as well as the public. The Tough Mudder on the island also has a few special features.

Tough Mudder conquers the world as a mass event and also the whole of Great Britain is in mud fever. The area around the romantic sounding Cholmondeley Castle, about an hour away from Liverpool, will be transformed into Tough Mudder Village for two days starting September 7th. Team spirit, perseverance and determination are all that counts in the obstacle courses, when the participants try to reach their goal through tons of mud and extreme obstacles.

 "At Tough Mudder everyone works together to achieve something great. This fits incredibly well with the values of our company," says Mike Rignall, Senior Marketing Manager Europe at Toyo Tires. Over 3 million "mudders" have taken part in the challenge since the invention in 2010. In addition to the support in Great Britain, Toyo also accompanies the events in Germany and Italy. Where, if not in the United Kingdom, which is known for its rain, could the event be better placed when the course becomes inhospitably muddy?

The penultimate Classic event on the island will also attract thousands of onlookers. On up to 16 kilometres the participants have to overcome 25 obstacles in the furthest run. One of them is presented by Toyo Tires, the "Overtired". Mud, water, ice and electricity are also between the mudders and the finish line. For beginners there is also a 5-kilometre run and for the little ones a mile of action.

At the Toyo-stand, the company will provide the DJ Tower, the Hamster Wheel and the Tire Flip for a lot of fun and action.  Mudders and onlookers will get everything they need for the event and visitors will also find information about Toyo and tires with outstanding properties for any terrain and any weather. There are still few tickets available for the Tough Mudder North West.

The last classic run at Tough Mudder UK will take place on 21th and 22th of September near Holmbush Estate at Tough Mudder London South. A British speciality will be the Urban 5K in Calpham Common on October 4 and 5. In the "big city variant" the obstacles come without mud. Whereby it could become damp, because nobody can guarantee for the weather conditions in the United Kingdom.

"Overtired" is the name of the game – so don't get tired