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Ken Block shreds Toyo Tires on China's most dangerous road

November 20, 2019

The fan community was eagerly awaiting Ken Block's next coup after the legendary "Climbkhana" in 2017. After the dangerous ascent of the Pikes Peak, he now puts even more at risk and conquers the most dangerous road in China.

The most dangerous street in China - a good location for extreme drifts? (Source Pictures: Hoonigan)

It takes a Rallycross driver, 99 extreme bends and a 914-hp drift truck to take Toyo's Proxes R888R to its limits. In "Climbkhana TWO" man and material push the limit. In his video, which has over 2.5 million hits just one day after publication, the rallycross pilot takes his spectators with him around the hairpin bends. This guarantees moments in which the heart falters while watching.

The "Heaven’s Gate" is considered to be the most dangerous road in China, it is even closed to the public. For Block this is call for a challange. Which car would Ken Block choose for a narrow, winding, hillside road of extremes? - the extremely tuned 1977 Ford F-150, already known from the "Gymkhama 10" video: "The juxtaposition of this massive American pickup truck and that tiny road was just too perfect, even if it made it way harder and sketchier for me to drive," says Block.

In the picturesque landscape of Tianmen National Park, Block climbs the mountain with every drift. The track doesn't forgive mistakes, but Block wouldn't be Block if he didn't speed up every straight part of the track and drift every tight corner perfectly. Sometimes the Ford kisses the barriers and flirts with the slope behind it. The tension is noticeable in man and material and the high-tech equipment is being pushed to the limits of what is physically possible. As usual, Block relies on Toyo Tires. The Proxes R888R secure the trace after the drifts, smoking and grinding - until the pilot spans the limits of all admissible. The legend Climbkhana goes into the next round and Block invites us all to join the extreme ride.

Video: Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO