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19 November 2020

The Hoonicorn against the rest of the world Ken Block's iconic AWD Ford Mustang takes on some of the fastest cars in the world.

Ken Blocks 65 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2 is a real powerhouse: 1,400 horsepower, rally four-wheel drive, and a V8 twin-turbo fueled by pure methanol. This makes the Hoonicorn one of the most powerful race cars of all time. It spits flames, climbs mountains, and eats tyres - all for the famous Gymkhana videos like the Gymkhana SEVEN and Climbkhana. But anyone can show off their horsepower figures on the Internet. The question: Is this thing really fast when it goes straight ahead?

To prove this, Ken Block and the crew of Hoonigan Industries (with the support of Forza, Ford Performance, and Toyo Tires) created "Hoonicorn vs. the World". This is a series of races in which the Hoonicorn competes against the fastest cars in the world in acceleration duels. From McLaren Senna to the fastest Audi RS3 dragster in the world and the fastest Donk in the world (a 71 Caprice on 28-inch wheels with the engine of a Corvette Z06 including a basketball-sized turbo). The idea for this series was born from the video game Forza. 
"When the Hoonicorn made its way into Forza Horizon, it was one of the fastest cars in the game," says Block, "I noticed that players like to race it against all the other cars in the game in drag races. So we wanted to bring that idea from the video game world into real life and see how the Hoonicorn fought off the wild selection of cars! The Hoonigan team already had a great setup: an airfield from their show This vs. This was then used to create a special spin-off series of the show with 'Hoonicorn vs. the World'.

On the Hoonigans' YouTube channel, you can watch the weekly series 'Hoonicorn vs. the World': Watch now!
Every Monday at 9 am PT (Pacific Time) – 6 pm our time.

Here the overview of the races:

1. McLaren Senna Merlin
2. Donkmaster's Z06: the fastest Donk in the world 
3. Bryce Menzies' AWD Trophy Truck
4. the fastest Audi RS3 in the world, by Iroz Motorsport
5. old Smokey F1 from Chuckles Garage
6. Hoonigans Chevy P10 Merch-Van
7. 1966 Chevy Nova Drag Car
8. David Borlas personal Ford GT
9. Ferrari F8 Tributo