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New EU/UK/NI Tyre Label from May 2021

17 March 2021

The EU tyre label has been mandatory in Europe since 2012. It is intended to help drivers recognise important properties of a tyre at first glance: It provides an overview of rolling resistance, wet grip and external rolling noise. From 1 May 2021, the European Union will introduce a revised label: With more precise and simplified information, the new label provides efficiency information of a tyre. The purpose of the new regulation is the reduction of energy consumption in road transport in accordance with the EU commitment to climate neutrality.

These are the most important changes:
The new labelling visually resembles the well-known EU energy label. In future, not only tyres for passenger cars (C1) and light commercial vehicles (C2) must be marked with the label, but also for heavy commercial vehicles (C3). Just like the label of 2012, the new label provides information on the three categories rolling resistance (fuel consumption), wet grip (braking distance on wet roads) and external rolling noise (loudness). The scale of rolling resistance and wet grip is revised: Instead of seven categories with the classifications A to G, the new label now only shows the five label classes A to E. The scaling of the upper classes A to C remains unchanged. The previously unassigned class D is now used and filled with former E. The former classes F and G form the new class E. These changes simplify the functionality for consumers. The representation of the external rolling noise has also been changed: The sound waves on the old label are replaced by the letters A, B and C. Two symbols for snow (3PMSF) and ice have been added to identify tyres with winter suitability. Consumers can download further information on tyre characteristics from the official EU product database (EPREL) via a QR code. In the database one can find the Product Information Sheet (PIS), where all details of the tyre label and the date of start and end of production of the tyre are available. Information will be added to the database by Toyo Tires or other tyre manufacturers.