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Toyo Tires at AMTS 2024

14 March 2024

From 22nd to 24th March '24, AMTS 2024 will take place in Budapest and Toyo Tires will again be present at a booth.

The AMTS (Auto, Motor & Tuning Show) has been taking place since 2006. At that time, the exhibition started on a total area of approx. 14,000m². Since then, the event has grown into one of the most important tuning exhibitions on the European continent with a total area of around 125,000² this year and will host more than 1,000 vehicles for three days in 2024.

This year, Toyo Tires will once again be present at AMTS together with AKH. Last year, the Toyo Tires Tread Path was brought to the AMTS in a smaller form and was very popular by the visitors. That's why there will be a European Toyo Tires Tread Path at AMTS again this year. Five legendary cars will be on display, including one from JP and a real racing car from Ring Racing in Toyo Tires design.

But it's not only cars can be admired at the stand. Also in the luggage is a new sustainable concept tire from Toyo Tires, which was shown for the first time at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2024 and can now be admired at AMTS 2024. The concept tyre is made of 90% sustainable materials. Of these, 60% are renewable materials, including biomass-derived butadiene rubber, biomass-derived styrene-butadiene rubber, rice husk ash silicon dioxide, plant-derived oil, and polyester derived from organic raw materials. Another 30% of the tyre is made from recycled materials, including CO2-derived butadiene rubber, recycled carbon black, recycled bead wire, and recycled steel cord.

Even the rally version of the Open Country M/T is made from 50% sustainable materials and tested at the Dakar Rally. Thus, the sustainable concept tyre from Toyo Tires can be seen as a steppingstone to increase sustainable materials in serial production to 40% by 2030 and to 100% by 2050. Visually, the concept tyre will immediately stand out at the booth at AMTS 2024, as its side profile is inspired by the topics of electrical semiconductors and sustainability.

In addition to the car- and tyre-highlights, Toyo Tires will once again offer visitors at AMTS 2024 a reaction game with some prizes up for grabs. However, this is not the only place where prizes by Toyo Tires can be won. If you are lucky enough to be in Budapest for the show, visitors of AMTS 2024 can look forward to a raffle for a car in Toyo Tires design on the main stage.


Watch the round up video from the 2023 event here: AMTS '23



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