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TOYO TIRES once again received a "GOOD" test result!

18 March 2024

After the TOYO PROXES Comfort, the TOYO PROXES Sport 2 has now also been awarded with a "GOOD" test result by Autobild, a leading Automotive Magazine in Germany.

In the Autobild Allrad (All Wheel drive) tyre test published on the 15th March ’24, the PROXES Sport 2, in 235/55/R19, was tested against other leading manufacturers. 

In total, the tyre test included 11 tyre models from different manufacturers in the following categories, wet, dry and off-road. 
In a break from the norm, this year’s test unusually added ‘off-road performance’ to the test criteria. As the size tested from all manufacturers are a mainstay in the SUV All Wheel Drive market, all tyres were put through their paces on range of surfaces other than asphalt (on -road). Contrary to popular belief, many SUV owners do often drive their vehicles 'off-road' be it on to a beach, grass, mud and/or gravel tracks. 

The TOYO PROXES Sport 2 proved its qualities in all 3 test categories - even off-road. The tyre received particularly good marks when driving in mud (score "2+") and sand (score "2"). However, the tyre also showed good traction on grass, gravel and gravel.

In addition, the TOYO PROXES Sport 2 impressed with:

- Short braking distances

- Dynamic handling on dry slopes

- an affordable price.


Just a week ago, TOYO TIRES was able to celebrate a "GOOD" test result when the TOYO PROXES Comfort was rated "GOOD" in the large Autobild Summer Tyre Test 2024.

More information about the tyre, the EU label data andthe rest of the Sportscar Proxes range can be found HERE.

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