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Premier League leader wants boxing legend as perfect passenger

REVVED-UP Rob Cross went top of the Unibet Premier League table with his fourth win in succession, beating Gerwyn Price 7-4.

The 2018 World Champion hardly broke sweat with a 104 average and just managed to keep Price at bay after two early breaks of throw in Berlin on Thursday night.

Cross said: “That felt like a bit of a graft tonight. I broke Gerwyn and then gave an easy one back. It was just about staying in front and winning. I got the job done.

“I thought it was poorer than a 104 average. I kept giving freebie legs away, I need to work on that and make my own throw stronger.

“I’m really happy with four match wins in succession. I’m happy at home and on the stage. Life can’t be any better.”

Cross plays Mensur Suljovic tonight in Rotterdam and added: "I'm top of the league but it means nothing right now. I need to be top in May."

Unibet Premier League, Rotterdam, tonight. Sky Sports, 7pm.


First Car? 

It was a Peugeot 306 and I loved it. I passed my test when I was 17, second time. I was far too over-confident in my first test and failed!

What’s In Your Garage Now? 

I love my Audi A7. It’s a beautiful-looking car but still has really good fuel economy.

Favourite Driving Tune? 

I’m really into my 80s music, so I listen to Magic or Heart on the radio. My favourite driving tune would have to be Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark. You can’t beat a bit of The Boss.

Favourite Road? 

That is the A21 which runs from London to the Sussex coast. It’s a really tricky, windy road but I love it. It kind of means I’m home.

Dream Passenger? 

Obviously I’ve got to say my missus Georgia. But I’d also love a long journey with my sporting heroes like Roger Federer or Mohammed Ali. How fascinating would that be to hear their stories and to pick their brains on how I can improve.

Best Moment In A Car? 

When I was a kid we had a scrap merchants as a family. One day we had a BMW sports car come I and I got to have a drive on private land. Now that was exciting.

Have You Ever Left A Skidmark? 

Yes of course I have. I’ve ruined my tyres far too many times. I’m not a boy racer now though, I think about having to replace the tyres and the cost!

First Kiss In A Car? 

That was with Georgia. When we were younger the car was our night out sometimes, we just went for drives as you do.

Most Embarrassing Moment? 

A few years ago I had to park outside my solicitors in Hailsham, Sussex.  Georgia ran in quickly but another car parked in front of me. In the end I had a really tight squeeze to get out but didn’t realise there was a bell, like a sleeping policeman post, in the parking space. I went over it and the car went up high on the engine casing and was stuck like a shipwreck.

Thankfully an old guy was walking past and was built like Arnold Schwarzenegger and he actually picked up the car off the bell for me. That was so embarrassing.

Favourite Colour Of Car? It’s sky blue like my Voltage shirt colours. The worst I’ve had was a dirty maroon sort of coloured Volkswagen Golf. It was vile.

Words: Phil Lanning (@lannomedia) Images: Taylor Lanning (taylorlanning11).






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