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Snakebite grabs draw without paint

PETER WRIGHT had to get his father-in-law to do his famous mohican hair do after wife Jo was rushed into hospital.
The World No.3 lacked his usual arty headpaint during his draw with James Wade in their Unibet Premier League clash in Berlin on Thursday night.
Snakebite played on despite Jo’s operation on her spine but had to make do with just a pink mohican for his adoring German fans.
He said: “My look was toned down because my wife had an operation on her spine before I played in Berlin.
“Thanks to Jo’s dad Paul for sorting the hair out. He did a good job but it wasn’t my usual look for a change!
“I like being under the radar trying to get into the top four. But how can I go under the radar looking like this?!
“To get a point off James Wade is very good. But when you are 5-2 up a player of my calibre should put it to bed. But I didn’t and that shows you the bottle and determination of James these days. How good he is, doesn’t give up, comes back.
“Obviously I’ve got one eye on the O2. I’ve got two tough games coming up in Rotterdam next week against Michael van Gerwen and Gerwyn Price.
“I’ve beaten MVG in Rotterdam before so I’ve got the formula and I’m going to take it there. 
“I’m looking forward to all the booing, it makes me play and makes me focus.”
Wright also admitted that he felt that a “big hand” came down and ruined his concentration during the draw with Wade.
He added: “It feels like a point lost again, same as last week. I can’t explain why this keeps happening. I was 5-2 up, I wasn’t playing well. 
“But it felt like somebody came down with a great big hand and took everything out of my body, all my concentration, totally out of the window.
“I was wondering ‘How do I throw a dart? What am I doing?’. All the focus just totally went. I just can’t explain it.
“I don’t think I’m scoring well to be honest. I glanced across at my average and I was playing rubbish. I was trying to up my game.”
Words: Phil Lanning.
Picture by Taylor Lanning.

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