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Voltage ready for World Cup clash

ROB CROSS admits he is going all-out to “stuff” the critics who believe England will flop in the BetVictor World Cup.
The Hastings star makes his second appearance in the BetVictor World Cup against the Philippines with debutant Michael Smith in Hamburg on Friday night.
Sky Sports pundit Wayne Mardle has already blasted that Cross and Smith could suffer a giantkilling right from the off.
He said: “It’s not going to be easy for us. There are no easy matches and the format can catch any players out.
“Michael and me are completely new to all this really, very inexperienced. But we’ve spoken about it and are ready for it.
“It would be nice to stuff the words back down the throats of the critics. I think we are an easy target because we haven’t played together yet.
“We will give it everything we’ve got. We are both proud to be playing for our country and that will make us extra determined obvioudly.”
Voltage admits that they have a huge task to emulate the icon Phil Taylor who landed four World Cup victories with Adrian Lewis.
He said: “It’s one of the proudest moments of my life to be England captain. It’s every kid’s dream to wear the armband and emulate the likes of Bobby Moore, Ian Botham and Gary Lineker.
“Sometimes it still doesn’t sink in what I have achieved in under three years. From electrician to England captain is the stuff of fairytales.
“But I have to put that out of my mind. I have a job to do for my country and these World Cups are littered with potential giantkillers.
“Over the years we have seen so many of the big names go out to less rated countries. The World Cup has almost become notorious for it.
“England lost to Spain in the first year and the Scots have gone out to Spain and South Africa. It’s never easy and there’s no certainties anymore.
“I think it will take time for myself and Michael to settle down. This is very new to both of us. But we are both really fired-up for England.
“Phil and Adrian have set the bar so high. They had 18 world titles between them so we have a lot to achieve and then to emulate four World Cup wins!
“I know that both Phil and Adie will want us to go out and do a decent job and go all the way. It’s going to be so hard though.”
BetVictor World Cup of Darts, tonight, Sky Sports, 6pm.

 Words: Phil Lanning Images: Taylor Lanning

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