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Fallon is 'Queen of the Palace'

But new star Sherrock keeping feet on ground

FALLON SHERROCK believes she’s already the “Queen of the Palace” after creating the biggest darting story of all time.

In a quite incredible five days, the Bletchley bullseye star has outshone even the likes of Phil Taylor, Michael van Gerwen and Rob Cross for being the biggest oche name in the world.

No one has ever delivered global headlines and hysteria that the Fallon fairytale has at the Alexandra Palace.

After beating World No.11 Mensur Suljovic with a bull finish on Saturday night, she now faces Chris Dobey in another blockbuster on Friday - but is firmly keeping her feet on the ground.

She said: “Am I the Queen of the Palace? I think I already am.I am surprised by how it has blown up as much as it did. Who would have thought it would have been worldwide. 

“I thought it would be just the people who knew about darts. Just normal people. People who read about it. I didn’t think it would be worldwide, people who didn’t know darts, now they know about darts, want to watch it, want to play, inspire more people to play it. that is insane.”

Mum of one Sherrock, 25, is even too worried to go outside at her home in Bletchley to go Christmas shopping!

She added: “I have not been out. I got home. I don’t want to go out. My neighbours came up to me and congratulate me, they scare me. 

“They jump up behind me. I haven’t been out yet. I cannot imagine what Christmas will be like when I go out to get presents. That will be exciting. With the BDO I have been practising around Christmas but I have never practised on Christmas Day. But now I will have to. That will be different to normal. And the days after. Why not? It’s working.”

Sherrock is also adjusting to life as a new female role model and has even had the backing of Billie Jean King who tweeted her.

She added: “Yes. It’s amazing. Who would have thought someone like that would tweet me? I mean, I am me! I am a normal person from Milton Keynes. This stuff doesn’t happen to normal people. It’s incredible. Who would have thought it? I will tweet back to her eventually. I’ll think of a response. I will do that socially.

I’ll definitely like to encourage more feminist sports stuff. And empowering people. To me, it’s all the same. I just play my darts. I don’t care if I am playing women or men. We are both equal anyway.”

Now it’s that Dobey clash on Friday but Sherrock has vowed not to change her routine at all.

She added: “I will practise the same amount that I normally do. I do about four anyway. I am not going to change anything. It’s working. I won’t go over it. I won’t go below it. 

“My son is always up early. I will probably be up about 5.30am! So hopefully he has a sleep during the day. If not, I will get my other family members to look after him for a few hours. I can have a throw on the dartboard. This is probably after lunch and opening presents. My little boy can play with his toys and enjoy it.”

Sherrock has already won £25,000 but is set to be a global superstar and could probably land a place in the Premier League and be the figurehead of a new women’s tour in the PDC.

She said: £25,000 is life-changing. Yeah, I didn’t realise it was that much I was throwing for!”

“It’s definitely more than I would ever win in the BDO. It’s instantly changes my life. I cannot think how it will affect my life. But it will change it.

“Obviously, I like to inspire people and that. I try to help people as much as I can. If I can be a role model and leader, I am happy to do that. I have never had the opportunity to help people. I have a youth team, Bucks youth, and that is about it.”

Words: Phil Lanning

Images: Taylor Lanning

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