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Netflix and chill for The Iceman…

Price ready for Summer Series

GERWYN PRICE has given a fascinating insight into the new normal of darts as it returns in Milton Keynes today.
The double Grand Slam champion was in great spirits after taking the Covid-19 test on his arrival at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.
Price got the all-clear to play and is now ready for the Summer Series after spending a night of Netflix and chill.
He revealed: “The Covid-19 test is nowhere near as bad as some of the stuff says on social media. It goes to the back of your nose but nothing like it does on that video.
“That was what I was most scared about than anything but it was fine, it was nothing. Probably the throat was a bit worse because they did it for longer.”
Price had himself all organised for life stuck in a hotel room for half a day but then left home without a vital component.
So he was left needing the help of fellow Welsh player Jonathan Worsley…
He laughed: “I’ve got a lead that goes from my phone to the TV so I can watch Netflix but I’ve only gone and forgotten my HDMI lead!
“So I stocked up on food from ASDA so I can put the stone back on that I lost so I’m stuck watching Come Dine With Me just chilling out in my room. There’s nothing else you can do apart from keep yourself amused.
“I spoke to Jonathan, he still was waiting to have his test after me so I asked him to go to ASDA and get me the lead for my phone and I can grab it off him!”
The Summer Series sees a return to a new normal for the sport after lockdown. Almost all of the 128 PDC tour card holders are back after an incredible effort from darts bosses to get the event on.
Words: Phil Lanning
Images: Taylor Lanning

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